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Meet our Family

We’re from Southern California and have spent the last couple of years visiting new destinations with our kids.  It’s been incredible seeing the world through their eyes and we’re hooked!  It’s time to leave the 9-5 work/school routines behind and focus on what we enjoy most – travel.

We hope you’ll follow us on our adventure around the world!

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California to Oregon Road Trip

Bend Oregon.  Some call it the "outdoor playground of the west".   Located in Central Oregon it is surrounded by mountains, has a river running through

Day 3 – Barcelona

Today is our last full day in Barcelona, tomorrow we board the ship!  We went to the monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat.  We have to allow travel

Day 2 – Barcelona

Sagrada Família We are ready to see more.  One of Barcelona's most famous architects is Antoni Gaudi.  His style is easy to spot and very interesting.

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